Thursday, July 19, 2012

Digital Classroom - Brighter Tomorrow For Children Today

Education has always been an important foundational aspect for any society. It is the pillar that holds various economic, social and political factors together. With the changing times, there needs to be a change made in the traditional classroom system as well. This is where the digital classroom comes into the forefront. The students of today are very tech savvy which makes this type of a class room advantageous for them and the overall learning process.

With the Smart classroom, there will be a variety of factors that will be implemented in terms of teaching the children:

    Encouragement: Students need to be encouraged through the use of technology. No matter what they are doing, children should always be given the approval and there should be a refrain from making any sort of discouragement.

    Energy: Being an enthusiastic educator is important in the Virtual classroom. The teacher will always bring in lots of energy into what ever social cause he or she is involved in. Children too will follow suit and give all their energy.

    Fun: Since these are kids who are aware of the technological importance, teachers should not take away the element of fun. There should be a proper balance between what is right and good and what is fun and appeals to little students in the digital class room. The child learns faster when there is a lot of playfulness in the activities. A serious approach is not mandatory.

    Experimental Approach: Do not stick to conventional forms of teaching when it comes to the virtual classroom. Try new and more effective methods of teaching by making the classroom digital and more interactive. Get the student to make it as well and then do it with him or her. If there is information to be collected, do it with the students. Don't just sit and command.

    Practice What You Preach: Do not oversell the concept of a smart classroom if one does not believe it oneself. Follow and strengthen those qualities of the technological advancement and incorporate them in your everyday lives. Students are more susceptible to examples than they are to hollow teachings.

    Never Obstruct: Do not stand in the way of something that the student wishes to do of which you are unaware of. First gain information about the particular topic and then provide judgment.

    Do Research: Make sure you have done proper research of all the technologies used in the Smart classroom that the children are involved in to ensure they are properly suitable for students and do influence the civic duty within them.

    Look And Leap: Make sure that there are activities that involve both students and teachers.

The digital classroom is all about fun, interaction and learning. Hence, it is important to incorporate the traditional ways of teaching with the more radical and advanced teaching methods from these technological aspects. There needs to be a balance in order to gain the best of both worlds.

Avani Kohli is a professional and experienced English teacher for over 15 years and a great admire of eclassroom teaching system. She has written some of the searched articles on lecture recording system and importance of digital classroom in the present day.

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